Game of Thrones Series – Fire Breathing Dragon Cupcake – Dragon Berry Rum, Raspberry, Chili and Lemongrass

Fire Breathing Dragon by Booze Sugar & Spice

Welcome to the Final installment of my 10-part Game of Thrones – Cupcakes & Cocktails Series!  Just in time for the Season 5 Premiere tomorrow April 12th.  Yes, I know I said in my last post it was going to happen … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Series – Arya – Dirty Girl Scout Cupcake – Irish Cream, Kahlua, Whiskey & Creme de Menthe

Dirty Girl Scout Cupcakes by Booze, Sugar and Spice

Welcome to the much overdue 9th installment of my 10-part Game of Thrones – Cupcakes & Cocktails Series!  I have a really good excuse for being tardy in my completion of the series.  In the last year, I quit my 20 year career … Continue reading

Almost-Tiramisu Cupcakes

PJ Sassifras:

Jenee over at has put her own gluten free spin on my Tiramisu Cupcakes. Check out this and some of her other fantastic creations!

I took the summer off from blogging, but not from baking. I’ll have more to share starting next week.


Originally posted on jcooksglutenfree:

A few months ago I entered a dessert baking competition over at the, and I had a blast coming up with gluten-free recipes and competing against gluten-full desserts. I made it all the way to the finals, and I’m not at all upset that I lost (well, maybe a little, deep down inside). But I think the greatest part was being able to connect with bloggers that I might not ever have found otherwise, and one of them is the awesome lady over at You HAVE to go check out her cupcakes. She did this whole Game of Thrones series that is AWESOME. AWESOME. How many more times can I squeeze in AWESOME?

And no, it’s not torture to ask you to look at gluten-full cupcakes, because we can recreate them, like this one, the recipe that I went up against a while back. I’ve…

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Game of Thrones Series – Tyrion – Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes – Guinness Stout and Irish Cream

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes by Booze, Sugar & Spice

Welcome to the 8th installment of my 10-part Game of Thrones – Cupcakes & Cocktails Series!  Originally, my 10-part installment was supposed to coincide with Season 4.  My final installment scheduled to be released the same day as the season finale.  Well, since the season finale … Continue reading